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2024 Litters

We have the first litter at our kennel in 2024, with an expected due date of 06/02/2024. The puppies are anticipated to be black or bi-color, with medium to long hair. if anyone interested  please email the detail to us, we will update news shortly

We exclusively breed classic, flat-backed German Shepherd Dogs with a strong focus on their working abilities at the highest levels. Our primary breeding goals revolve around cultivating exceptional temperament, robust strength, and physical soundness. Every puppy in our program is provided with vaccinations, microchips, regular deworming, official pedigree papers, a comprehensive informational package, thorough health examinations with guaranteed well-being, and ongoing support."

Please contact Dogs Vic on email: to verify my membership.  

Membership NO.3100039681

DOB 05/02/2024
Red collar girl is looking for her forever home

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