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Augsrott working- line German Shepherd


augsrott germen shepherd puppies
Augsrott breeding high quality German shepherd
Augsrott Alfredo

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About AugsrottK9

AUGSROTT was established in 2012 located in north Melbourne.


At AUGSROTT German Shepherds, our unwavering mission is to breed working line German Shepherds that embody the epitome of excellence. Our commitment resonates through our meticulous selection process, ensuring the convergence of exceptional temperament, robust health, and impeccable structural confirmation, all in strict alignment with the ANKC breed standard.


 Structure in Accordance: Structural confirmation adheres to the exacting standards set by the ANKC breed standard. Our commitment to maintaining these precise guidelines ensures each AUGSROTT German Shepherd stands as a testament to the breed's enduring qualities.

Health as a Pillar: Health and vitality are non-negotiable pillars of our mission. Through comprehensive health screening and careful genetic consideration, we uphold the highest standards to ensure our puppies are born strong, resilient, and ready to embrace their roles.


Genetics and Pedigree: Our breeding program is underpinned by generations of carefully selected bloodlines, ensuring the preservation of breed standards and the enhancement of desirable traits. Each AUGSROTT German Shepherd boasts a pedigree that stands as a testament to their lineage's excellence.


 Temperament and Intelligence: AUGSROTT German Shepherds are known for their remarkable intelligence, unwavering loyalty, and adaptability. Their even temper and keen intuition make them ideal companions for various roles, from family protectors to service dogs and working partners.


Versatile Working Abilities: AUGSROTT German Shepherds excel in a diverse array of roles, including search and rescue, family pets and therapy clinic, as well as competitive dog sports. Their innate drive to learn and perform makes them adaptable to various tasks and environments.


 Breeder's Commitment: AUGSROTT is committed to ethical breeding practices, ensuring the health, well-being, and genetic diversity of each individual. Puppies are raised in a nurturing environment, exposed to early socialization, and receive top-notch veterinary care.


🐾🔒【Puppy Guarantee: Ensuring Your Canine Investment】🌟🐕


At AUGSROTT, we stand firmly behind the quality and well-being of every puppy we produce. Our comprehensive Puppy Guarantee underscores our commitment to both the health of the puppy and the satisfaction of our valued clients.


🏆📜 Health Assurance: Each puppy is meticulously bred from carefully selected bloodlines and undergoes thorough health evaluations. We guarantee that your puppy will arrive in optimum health, free from hereditary defects or health issues.


💡🔍 Genetic Integrity: Our Puppy Guarantee extends to the genetic soundness of our puppies. We take pride in the transparency of our breeding practices, ensuring that your chosen puppy's lineage aligns with the highest standards of breed integrity.We guarantee all pups against congenital (GENETIC) health problems including Hip and Elbow problems as well as guaranteeing the temperament of all the pups that we breed.( We do not guarantee puppies or dogs once they have been desexed, (according to the recently research desex may affect dogs healthy)


🛡️🏡 Lifetime Support: Beyond the initial adoption, our Puppy Guarantee is a lifelong commitment. We provide ongoing guidance and support, assisting you in navigating every stage of your puppy's growth, development, and integration into your family.


📜💼 Comprehensive Documentation: Our Puppy Guarantee is accompanied by comprehensive documentation, including health

records, vaccination history, and any necessary genetic testing results. This documentation ensures you have a complete

understanding of your puppy's background.


🌐📞 Client-Centric Approach: Our dedicated team is readily available to address any concerns you may have. Our commitment

to open communication ensures that your experience is both transparent and fulfilling.


🔗🌟 Partnering with AUGSROTT means entrusting your puppy's well-being to a breeder dedicated to upholding the highest

standards of health, genetics, and client satisfaction. Our Puppy Guarantee is a testament to our unwavering commitment to

your puppy's future and the lasting bond you'll share.

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